Tsum Tsum Collections


Tsum Tsum CollectionsTsum Tsum Collections

Tsum Tsum Collections

On this page you’ll find a complete list of all Tsum Tsum collections ever released by Disney.

Tsum Tsums where originally released in Japan as a mobile game. The plush line appeared shortly after in Japan’s Disney Stores and quickly grew very popular. Now they are available in almost every country, at all Disney Parks and Disney Stores.

Since Disney launched Tsum Tsum plushes, an increasing number of different characters have become available around the world. Unfortunately the availability of Tsum Tsums can vary from country to country but Disney is steadily adding more and more to the range and increasing availability.

Disney Tsum Tsum stuffed plushes are super cute and cuddly. The idea is that these small plushes can be stacked on top of one another to create limitless combinations of great mountains!

Tsum Tsum means “Stack Stack” in Japanese. Start stacking today!!

Tsum Tsum Size Guide


tsum tsum size guide

Tsum Tsum Collections


101 Dalmatians Collection
101 Dalamatian Collection
Aladdin Collection
Alice in Wonderland Collection
alice in wonderland collection
Aristocats Collection
Marie mini Tsum Tsum - Voorkant 3.5 inch
Avengers Collection
Avengers Tsum Tsum Collection
Bambi Collection
Bambi collection
Big Hero 6 Collection
Big Hero 6 collection
Candy Collection
candy collection
Cast Member Only Collection
cast member only collection
Chip and Dale Collection
chip and dale collection
Christmas 2014 Collection
christmas 2014 collection
Christmas 2015 Collection
Christmas 2015 Tsum Tsum Collection
Cinderella Collection
Cinderella Collection
Donald Duck Collection
donald duck tsum tsum collection m
Duffy and ShellieMay Collection
duffy shellie may collection
Dumbo Collection
Dumbo mini Tsum Tsum - Voorkant 3.5 inch
Easter 2014 Collection
easter 2014 collection
Easter 2015 Collection
easter 2015 collection
Expressions 2014 Collection
Expressions 2014 Collection
Expressions 2015 Collection
Expression 2015 Collection
Fantasia Collection
D23 Fantasia Box Collection
Frozen Collection
Frozen Fever Tsum Tsum Collection
Halloween 2014 Collection
halloween 2014 collectie1
Halloween 2015 Collection
halloween 2015 tsum tsum collection
Harajuku / Osaka Collection
Harajuku_Osaka Tsum Tsum Collection 1
Honey Bee Collection
Honey Bee Pooh Bag Collection
Honey Pot Collection
Honey Pot Collection
Inside Out Collection
inside out collection
Lady and the Tramp Collection
Lady mini Tsum Tsum - Voorkant 3.5 inch
Lilo and Stitch Collection
lilo stitch collection1
Lilo and Stitch Flower Collection
Little Mermaid Collection
little mermaid collection
Miahama Disney Store 15th Anniversary Collection
miahama collection
Mickey Mouse and Friends Collection
mickey mouse and friends collection
Monster Inc. Collection
monster inc collection
Mystic Manor Collection
mystic manor collection
Nightmare Before Christmas Collection
nightmare before christmas collection
Oswald and Ortensia Collection
Oswald and Ortensia Tsum Tsum Collection
Peter Pan Collection
Peter Pan Tsum Tsum Collection
Phineas and Ferb Collection
Phineas and Ferb Collection
Pinocchio Collection
Pinnocchio Collection
Polka Dot Collection
Polka Dot Collection
Pooh and Pals Collection
pooh and pals collection
Snow White Collection
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Tsum Tsum Collection
Spider-Man Collection
Marvel Spider-Man Collection
Steamboat Willie Collection
steamboat willie tsum tsum collection
Three Little Pigs Collection
Three Little Pigs Collection
Toy Story Collection
Toy Story Collection
Toy Story 20th Anniversary Collection
Toy Story 20th Anniversary Collection
Tsum Tsum 1st Anniversary Collection
Tsum Tsum 1st Anniversary Collection
Tsum Tsum 2nd Anniversary Collection
Tsum Tsum 2nd Anniversary
UNIQLO Collection
Uniqlo Tsum Tsum Collection
Valentines Collection
Valentine Tsum Tsum Collection
Year of the Sheep Collection
Year of the Sheep Tsum Tsum Collection

Tsum Tsum Collections on this page: 101 dalmatians, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Aristocats, Avengers, Bambi, Big Hero 6, Candy, Cast Member Only – Sorcerer Mickey, Chip and Dale, Christmas 2014, Cinderella, Donald Duck, Duffy and Shellie May, Dumbo, Easter 2014, Easter 2015, Expressions 2014, Expressions 2015, Fantasia, Frozen, Halloween 2014, Halloween 2015, Harajuku (Osaka), Honey Bee 2014, Honey Pot 2015, Inside Out, Lady and the Tramp, Lilo and Stitch, Lilo and Stitch Flower / Summer, Little Mermaid, Miahama Disney Store 15th Anniversary, Mickey Mouse and Friends, Monster Inc, Mystic Manor – Albert the Monkey, Nightmare Before Christmas, Oswald and Ortensia, Peter Pan, Phineas and Ferb, Pinocchio, Polka Dot, Pooh and Pals, Snow White, Spider-Man, Steamboat Willie, Three Little Pigs, Toy Story, Toy Story 20th Anniversary, Tsum Tsum 1st Anniversary, Tsum Tsum 2nd Anniversary, UNIQLO, Valentines 2015, Year of the Sheep