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Game Play

The main purpose of the game is to make chains by connecting three or more Tsum Tsums on the screen within the given amount of time to earn a high score, coins, and experience (EXP). As it is a LINE app, if you are connected to LINE, you will be able to compete against friends for a higher score and for large coins rewards at the end of each week.

My Tsum Tsums

A “My Tsum” is the Tsum Tsum game character that appears as your partner during a game. Each character has its own special powers (Skills). My Tsum Tsums are separated into two categories of Happiness and Premium Tsums. Happiness Tsums cost 10,000 Coins and Premium Tsums cost 30,000 Coins. You can buy them in the Tsum Tsum in-game store. The skill strength of Premium Tsums are stronger then the Happiness Tsums. Therefore you could better save your coins to collect a Premium Tsum. Click here to see a list of all the available Tsum Tsum game characters and there skills!


Coins are an in-game currency needed to purchase bonus items, rubies and of course more Tsum Tsums from the Tsum store. You get coins by playing the game or by trading your rubies for coins.


Rubies are an in-game currency needed to purchase coins, hearts or to extend your game time when you are near your high score. You can earn rubies by leveling up your game, through bingo card bonuses or to purchase rubies via an in-app purchase.

EXP (Experience Points)

Experience points increases your level which will allow you to earn more bonus score points. Only the Tsum Tsums you own will earn experience points if you eliminate them during the game. Even if you do not set the Tsum as your “My Tsum”, it will earn experience points (as long as you own the Tsum). The Tsums you do not own will not earn any experience points to level up even if you eliminate them during the game.

Magic Bubbles

Magic Bubbles will clear a small area of Tsums surrounding the bubble. You get them for creating 7 or more Tsums together in a chain. If the “+Bubble” item is activated, it will reduce the required number to 6. There are 5 types of Bubbles.

Normal Bubble

Normal Bubbles

Blank Bubbles with no bonuses in them appear when you make a chain of 7-13 Tsums (6 if the “+Bubble” Bonus Item is used).

Time Bubble

Time Bubbles

Time Bubbles appear when you make a chain of 9-16 Tsums and add an additional +2 seconds to the timer.

Exp Bubble

EXP Bubbles

Exp Bubbles appear when you make a chain of 11-18 Tsums and will give an additional +10 Experience.

coin bubble

Coin Bubbles

Coin Bubbles appear when you make a chain of 13-18 Tsums and will give an additional +10 Coins when popped.

score bubble

Score Bubbles

Score Bubbles appear when you make a chain of 15-21 Tsums or more and will give an additional Bubble Score x2.

Bonus Items

Bonus Items

+Score Increases your score by 10%
+Coins Increases your end game coin count by a random percentage amount (50%-100%).
+EXP Increases your EXP by 10%
+Time Adds 5 seconds to the timer
+Bubble Connect 6 or more Tsums (instead of 7) to get a bubble
5 > 4 Decreases the number of Tsum types in the playing field to 4 different types, down from 5.

bomb bubble  Not yet available in the international version of the game
Reduces the number of Tsums required to create a bomb to 6, down from 7 (Cost: 1500 Coins).

Last Bonus

Last Bonus occurs when you have any remaining bubbles or a filled skill meter at the end of the game. It will burst the remaining bubbles on your screen. If your skill meter is filled after your game time is up, a roulette will trigger rotating through the Tsums that were played in that game. The Tsum it stops on, will then be cleared for the Last Bonus.


tsum-hearts are your “lives” for the game. You get one heart every 15 minutes up to a maxium of 5. Add a lot of friends so you can send each other hearts. If you accept a heart within a hour you also get 200 coins. It is also possible to trade rubies for hearts. Hearts you obtain from friends do not have a maximum; however, if you have more than 5 you will not gain any more hearts automatically or from leveling.

fever time

Fever Time

Fever Time will be triggered when you eliminate a certain number of Tsum Tsums to fill up the fever bar. Fever time lasts 10 seconds and in that time you will earn higher scores and there is no time limit attached to the Combos.


You can trigger a Combo by creating multiple chains of Tsum Tsums continuously. When a Combo is triggered, bonus points will be added to you score. The higher the Combo is, the more bonus points you will get. The combo counter is reset when a chain is not made within 4 seconds (Only in Fever Mode there is no time limit attached to the Combo’s).

Daily Missions

After you hit level 3, you will unlock daily missions. Every day at midnight Japanese time (11am EDT) you will get a daily mission. These missions seem to be random and include things like “Clear X Tsums”, “Get X Coins” “Get X EXP etc. Once you complete your mission you will receive a coin prize mostly 500 coins. The amount you get also varies by level.


Bingo Cards

Tsum Tsum Bingo is an ongoing mission event. When you reach level 10, you unlock the ability to play Bingo mission cards. There are various Bingo cards, each with 24 different missions. Once you complete a mission that spot on the card will be marked off as complete. Once you complete all the missions in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line you will get a special prize. Once you complete all the missions on a card you will get the card prize. You have to complete the 1st card before you can select any other card. Click here for all available Bingo cards and help with completing them!


The game runs on a social media platform and requires hearts and coins to play, it helps to have friends who also play so that you can send each other hearts and coins. In order to save your progress and add friends you will need to download the LINE mobile app and create an account. You can add friends by tapping the invitation icon located in the lower right of the screen. If you don’t see any friends to invite here just search for other Tsum Tsum players on online forums, Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites and add there LINE ID in the mobile LINE app on your phone. You have to wait at least one hour to send another Heart to the same friend.

Invitation rewards

If you invite 5 friends to the game, you get a Happiness box for free! Once you reach 15 friend invites, you get a free Premium box. When you reach the maximum of 30 invites you get an exclusive Toy Story Alien Tsum! Additionally you also will be rewarded 500 coins for each friend you invite.


In your mailbox , you will receive hearts and bonuses. Your mailbox can only show 50 messages at a time. Older messages will be shown once you have checked more recent messages.

Disney Tsum Tsum Game Trailer

Disney Tsum Tsum Game App, published by LINE, is the fluffiest puzzle game ever! Collect, connect and pop Tsums based on your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum plushes.

Click on the video below to watch the Disney Tsum Tsum Game Trailer: